Cotton is undoubtedly the most popular natural fabric of all time with a history dating back at least 7000 years. Versatile and durable, it is also extremely breathable and gentle on the skin. Comfort comes, in part, from the fibre's capacity to wick moisture away from the skin quickly. As far as we are able, The Earth Collection chooses to use hand picked cotton, avoiding the chemicals used in machine harvested cotton. Starting with the Summer 2008 Collection, we have also begun offering a line of 100% organic cotton clothes for women and babies.


Linen is “bast” fibre used to produce some of the oldest textiles in the world – Egyptian mummies were wrapped in linen. Then used as a display of wealth, even now this fabric is seen as luxurious and valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Grown in cooler regions, the flax fibres are taken from the stem of the plant. Linen needs less pesticides, insecticides and water to be grown than cotton as well as being the strongest of the plant fibres. Another positive aspect of linen is that every part of the flax plant can be used, for example to make soap, dye, paper, medicines, packaging, and food in the form of Linseed oil or flax seeds. Linen has high durability, water absorption, temperature regulation, extremely high breathability, low dust absorption and high antimicrobial quality.


Also known as China Grass, Ramie has been used for clothing since 3000 BC in Egypt. The long fine ramie fibres are extremely strong - even when wet. White and lustrous with an almost silky appearance, the fibres have an unusual resistance to bacteria and moulds. This elegant and refined natural fabric is extremely absorbent which makes it very comfortable to wear, especially during warm weather. Ramie has excellent abrasion resistance and dries quickly. It is also often mistaken for linen, to which it is closely related. However Ramie creases less than linen. We often blend Ramie with Cotton.


Silk is spun by silkworms during cocoon construction. Silk is extraordinarily strong and resilient. We blend silk noil - raw silk - with cotton to create garments with versatility, wear-ability and comfort. Silk noil has a natural appearance, characterized by uneven yarns, nubs and colour variations. Besides being a beautiful fabric, silk noil has virtually no negative impact on the environment as no chemicals can be used in production. Garments made from silk are also temperature regulating, as the fabric wicks moisture away from the body. This makes them warm in winter and cool in summer. Silk also retains its shape, drapes well, caresses the figure and shimmers with a luster of its own. When blended with cotton, either woven or knitted, the combination provides an excellent mix of warmth, absorbency and breathability.